You're never too old to learn ...

This has never been more true than in IT technologies. What is hot today, belongs to the past tomorrow. Don't be outdated by your application software. Continuous ongoing education is inevitable. Be assured, your competitor will not miss the development.

Our instructors are certified
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • Certified Novell Administrator

Our courses cover the areas DTP, image processing, Graphic, Screen- and Web Site Design, operating systems, networks as well as the complete Office area. You learn on Windows, but also on Apple Macintosh on demand (company training, on the spot).
We also adapt our trainings to your needs – mail us your inquiry, without any obligation!

Image editing, Graphic, DTP

Affinity Photo, Basics / Intensive
Award-winning professional photo editing
3 / 5 days
Adobe Photoshop, Basics / Intensive
The professional image editing standard
3 / 5 days
Affinity Designer
Software zur Erstellung von Vektorgrafiken
3 / 5 days
Adobe Illustrator, Basics / Intensive
The industry-standard vector graphics software
3 / 5 days
CorelDRAW, Basics / Intensive
Graphics, page layout, photo editing and vector animation
3 / 5 days
QuarkXPress, Basics / Intensive
DTP Software for Designer and Publisher
3 / 7 days
Adobe InDesign, Basics / Intensive
Adobe software for the DTP and prepress market
3 / 7 days

Internet, Web Design

HTML 5.0, inkl. CSS, Basics / Intensive
The language of the internet, incl. Cascading Style Sheets
3 / 6 days
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Basics / Intensive
A simple mechanism for adding style to Web documents
Basics, fonts, colors, text, graphics, positioning
1 / 2 days
Content Management System (CMS), Basics / Intensive
Introduction / crash course in the administration (back end)
Create your CMS Pages, insert text and images, news care, etc.
h (ind.)
1 day

Office, Operating System, Administration, Network

Microsoft Windows, Basics / Intensive
User training for the proper working with the Windows systems
3 / 5 days
macOS, Basics / Intensive
macOS course for users
1 / 3 days
Windows administration and safety, Basics / Intensive
Admin Training for the proper handling of the Windows systems
3 / 5 days
Constr. and operation of TCP/IP nets, administration
3 days
Linux, (SuSe, RedHat, etc.)
The Linux file system, user administration, KDE + gnome
3 days
Microsoft Office (Word, Exel, Access, Outlook)
Please ask for training contents by E-mail for the according Office programmes
3 / 5 days

Companies and group trainings

Our training offers are directed both at EDP beginners, who are interested in an introduction to the modern EDP infrastructure and at the specialists who are responsible for the use and support of software and operating systems. The course topics also can be combined individually. Every course is preceded by a thorough advice in which the previous knowledge and the topics goes in front of every course. It's made that the participants are trained in the best possible way.

Individual lessons

The main emphasis of this training form lies in the processing of your concrete, individual problem definition. You determine contents, form and intensity - we adapt ourselves to your needs. This is the optimal way to a balanced training strategy. You can rely on the years of experience of our trainers. Whether you need singleses, companies or group trainings, you work together with certified trainers who have an extensive practice in technical as well as didactic areas.


The costs for a group training are lower than you think. Consider that trained empoyees work more efficiently. This already covers the costs for any training.

Mail us, we would be happy to give you further information.