Comic Sans meet Comic Neue ...

Comic Neue is a casual script typeface released in 2014

Comic Sans is probably one of the most used fonts on computers. Now there is a free alternative: Comic Neue.
Comic Neue is available in two variants, each with 6 font styles for download: "New Comic" and "Comic New Angular".

Comic Sans trifft Comic Neue
Vincent Connare (Comic Sans), Craig Rozynski (Comic Neue)
  • Comic Neue Light, Comic Neue Regular, Comic Neue Bold, Comic Neue Light Oblique, Comic Neue Regular Oblique, Comic Neue Bold Oblique.
  • Comic Neue Angular Light, Comic Neue Angular Regular, Comic Neue Angular Bold, Comic Neue Angular Light Oblique, Comic Neue Angular Regular Oblique, Comic Neue Angular Bold Oblique.

Support more than 40 languages.

The font is freely available under

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