Reopening of the meeting place "DER TREFF" followed by a Street Festival

Presentation of the logo "DER TREFF", developed by VISUAL GRAPHICS® Werbeagentur.


Shown in the pictures:
Rolf Lührmann (Mayor)
Bodo Lebbing (VISUAL GRAPHICS® Werbeagentur)
Uwe Schramm (CEO WohnBau Westmünsterland eG)
Birgit Lütjann-Nienhaus (Social Pedagogue of the Department of Youth and Family of Borken)

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Website for Krause GmbH

Krause GmbH, Castrop-Rauxel, is known far beyond the borders of the Ruhr Area for their labor power. Hardly any other provider offers such a wide range of services in the field of tank and silo vehicle repairs. As for all of our clients we made sure, that the content is very easy editable by...