On 1 June 1992, our founder Bodo Lebbing decided to leave the big world of agencies to become an entrepreneurs.

VISUAL GRAPHICS® Werbeagentur (advertising agency) was a small start-up, with vital ideas. The only employee on the list was Donald von Dackelheim-Tannenhausen, a long-haired garbage but also enthusiastic supporter and creative genius ;-)

Final digitization of VISUAL GRAPHICS® brand

Over the years, there have been many late nights with passion for work. This passion has helped us to get the advertising and web design agency you know today. We have found the formula to your success and will continue to work to make it even better.

We are grateful for the 25 years, – we have helped many companies with innovation and creativity to bring their identity to life!

Practice for Physiotherapy and Lymph Drainage. Physiotherapeutic treatment and medical training (medical fitness) in highest quality. Advice for ideal conception of the website Logo Redesign Web design and programming Programming with responsive design for mobile devices...

Website for Krause GmbH

Krause GmbH, Castrop-Rauxel, is known far beyond the borders of the Ruhr Area for their labor power. Hardly any other provider offers such a wide range of services in the field of tank and silo vehicle repairs. As for all of our clients we made sure, that the content is very easy editable by...