Designing Logos with a Grid System

Using a grid system seems to be one of the hottest recent ‘trends’ in designing logos, but in reality, grid systems have been used in print publications for centuries.

Newspaper and magazines have utilised various grid systems with great effect in highlighting the most important elements of a page. Website designers have been using grids for quite a while and the process has also muscled in on the logo design industry.

The question is: Do you need to use grids to create the best logos? In this article, I will look at the pros and cons of using geometric guides for your logo designs and analyse if it is essential or simply a matter of choice. First of all however, we’ll briefly look at a few details relating to the various forms of grids.

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Every logo can' t be built in a grid. Those who construct logos strictly technically often ignore the fact that there is also a sense of sight as well as special features (the visual centre) in the perception. When designing, attention should be paid to the Golden Ratio in order to divide objects sensibly.

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